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Rain? Ticks? At Audubon, kids learn to live with nature


As kids trooped into the Montana Audubon Center last week, they gave no indication of being daunted by a steady rain. It helped that all of them had been issued rain boots and heavy-duty rain pants and jackets. It also helped that nearly all of them were more focused on the squirming worms, picked up along the way, that they were holding in their hands. (more…) Continue Reading →

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For dogs and their human, a new favorite spot


Coaxed out of my apartment a few days ago by one of the most beautiful stretches of fall weather in memory, I found myself on the banks of the Clarks Fork River just southeast of Laurel. I was enjoying myself, but the three dogs accompanying me were downright ecstatic. Miles of trails wind through a river bottom thick with chest-high grass and cottonwood trees, and for the dogs, plenty of opportunities to slide down the gravel banks for a swim or a drink of water. (more…) Continue Reading →

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