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In Stillwater County, more delays for zoning supporters


COLUMBUS — Stillwater County residents who have been working for more than two years to establish zoning rules that would regulate oil and gas activity in a small part of the county found out Tuesday that they have more waiting to do. At a meeting called to take action on the zoning proposal, the Stillwater County Commission voted to postpone the issue until at least Aug. 9, to give the county clerk time to authenticate petition signatures. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Stillwater County needlessly butchering trees


There is a Grinch stealing trees (and Christmas) from us in Stillwater County. He passes incognito as “county road supervisor.” The good boys and girls of the county pay their taxes and his paycheck, but he is grumpy and grouchy if they ask him not to cut all their trees down along their roads. He bellows “Maintenance!” and “Safety!” and will not compromise his single-minded mission to clear-cut every tree in every right of way in our county. (more…) Continue Reading →

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