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Professional theater company launched in Billings


Craig Huisenga was still living in San Diego eight years ago when he came up with the idea of starting the Yellowstone Repertory Theatre. He was thinking of returning to Billings to care for his aging parents, but having
worked as a professional actor and director in Seattle, Eugene, Ore., and San Diego, he wanted to be able to continue as a professional if he moved back home. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Dancer-director’s debut drama keeps it ‘real, raw, live’

Group hug

Last year, for the Sacrifice Cliff Theatre Company’s New Works Festival, company co-founder Patrick Wilson went out on a limb and asked two non-writers to submit a piece for the collection of 10-minute one-act plays. The collaboration between Krista Leigh Pasini, a dancer and choreographer, and Matt Taggart, a musician and sound artist, resulted in “All Together Now,” which used music and movement, and no dialogue, to explore the dynamics of a family coming together for Sunday dinner. (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘Welcome to Montana’: 10 plays, 10 minutes each

The cow

A festival of 10 one-act plays was put together by the Sacrifice Cliff Theatre Company as the result of what amounted to a challenge. “This year,” said company co-founder Patrick Wilson, “I’d been hearing a lot of people asking, ‘are there even any writers left in Billings who want to get their plays on stage?’” (more…) Continue Reading →

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