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Montana Viewpoint: Trumped—in spades


Well, the election is over, the dust has sort of settled, and the most obvious post-mortem on it is that political pundits didn’t have a clue as to how it would turn out. During the primaries Trump was dead meat. How could he win against all those qualified Republican candidates? OK, he won that primary, but if he continues to say outlandish things people will get wise to him and his support will plummet. OK, he won the nomination, but he can’t possibly win the election. Continue Reading →

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Pulling final lever on 2016 election


The 2016 election has set many new precedents. Here’s one for me: I will vote a straight Democratic ticket. Never thought that would happen. Even in the yellow dog Democrat days in Texas, my argument never varied: elect the best candidates, regardless of party, and they will find a way to figure out the way forward. Elect some Democrats to get the horses to a gallop, and throw in a few Republicans to pull on the reins. Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Economics, not politics, changing coal industry


A recent spate of political ads on TV show the Montana Republican party blaming potential job losses at Colstrip and a downturn in coal production in Montana on Gov. Steve Bullock and the Democratic Party in general. Since we have spent an inordinate amount of time looking at coal issues over the past decade and more, we feel some responsibility to try to respond to this issue so that others will not be misled by blatant coal industry propaganda. (more…) Continue Reading →

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1972 Republican platform: A window on a vanished world


Digging into the background of Title IX for yesterday’s column, I read that support for Title IX was included in the 1972 Republican Party platform. That year has special meaning for me, because it was the first and last year in which I got to vote against Richard Nixon, but I found this a bit hard to swallow. So I looked up the platform and, sure enough, it is there. I also found other amazing things that Republicans used to support: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: Growing weary of gawking at car wrecks


Starting approximately three seconds after Barack Obama was declared the winner of the 2008 presidential election, we were warned nonstop that the nation was unlikely to survive his four-year term. It did survive, quite well, thank you, but the same warnings were issued, in even more heated tones, on the evening of the 2012 election. Those fears weren’t even based on fear, just partisan hatred of the slimiest kind. (more…) Continue Reading →

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David Crisp: Let’s ‘American Idol’-ize the GOP debates


By weekly newspaper standards, things slow down here a bit in the summer, so I thought I would take a few minutes to solve a pressing national concern. Seriously, no problem, I’m happy to do it. Republicans and Fox News (or do I repeat myself?) are in a bit of a tizzy over how to handle upcoming presidential debates for GOP candidates. The problem is that there are too many candidates to fit on one stage. So Fox plans to let only the top 10 candidates debate, as reflected in current polling. Continue Reading →

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