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City water treatment plant had discharge violations


As part of a project to expand and modernize the city’s wastewater treatment plant, failure to turn off several valves put the plant into noncompliance with state pollution-discharge limits for a short period in April. The city informed the state Department of Environmental Quality of the violations a few days later, and the DEQ’s environmental compliance inspector in Billings, Dan Freeland, said the city is unlikely to be penalized for the incident. (more…) Continue Reading →

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To help Mother Nature, city puts Snowmelter to work


It used to be that the city of Billings would wait for a few good chinook winds, or warm spring weather, to reduce piles of collected snow to meltwater. But everything is more complicated these days. Now, the city is using a new piece of equipment that accelerates the process by spraying the snow with very hot water and running the resulting water down the drain. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Parking restrictions could aid downtown snow removal


Some people who drove to downtown Billings for shopping or entertainment in the wake of December’s big snowstorms may have discovered a new and occasionally perilous form of exercise. Once they parked their cars, they either had to walk to the end of the block on icy streets or climb over a steep berm of snow to access the parking meters. That wasn’t a situation that made downtown merchants or downtown shoppers very happy. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Neighbors of city landfill wary of expansion plans


This story has been updated. People who live near the Billings landfill are raising questions about plans to expand the facility. They are also concerned, again, about a state law that gives the city blanket approval of such plans, and makes public comment on the plans a meaningless formality. (more…) Continue Reading →

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PPL Montana puts coal plant property up for sale


A huge parcel of prime riverfront in Billings is being offered for sale, but there’s a hitch: the 74-acre property is currently occupied by PPL Montana’s coal-fired power plant. At least one party, the city of Billings, is already interested in the land, which sits between the Public Utilities Division’s water production plant, just upstream, and city-owned Coulson Park, just downstream of the power plant on the Yellowstone River. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Workers hired to stabilize Rims witness 2nd rockfall


Editor’s note: Don’t miss the video of the rockfall, posted by KTVQ. A link is at the bottom of this story. In the story posted just below this one, City Engineer Debi Meling predicted that another giant slab of sandstone would be falling off the Rims near Zimmerman Trail, hours after enormous boulders came down early Monday. (more…) Continue Reading →

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