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Prairie Lights: A little ‘fall protection’ for our readers

Two Moon

In this Prairie Lights space, I generally give vent to personal opinions on subjects like politics, culture, religion and other tender subjects. Today I want to test the limits of the First Amendment by unburdening myself of the opinion that we live in a spectacularly beautiful place, especially during the fleeting few weeks of High Autumn, which I am capitalizing in defiance of Associated Press style regulations to emphasize how glorious it is. (more…) Continue Reading →

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One last look at a small patch of ‘The Wilds’ on West End


As I picked my way through what looked like a tree cemetery, my heart felt heavy as I recalled the countless times I had traveled this dirt path in search of solitude and renewal, and always being able to find it in the surrounding woods. I knew this day was coming because three weeks earlier I had bumped into a surveyor with a map spread out on the hood of his company truck. He asked me if this path was traveled much. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Landowners plan to close another road into Pryors

Owners of allotted land on the Crow Indian Reservation say they plan to block a main road leading into the Pryor Mountains beginning next week. Elias Goes Ahead, a member of the group, said allottees planned to meet Wednesday, Sept. 2, to prepare a list of demands. He said that he did not anticipate a response from federal or tribal officials that would prevent blocking Sage Creek Road, which leads into the Custer National Forest and the Pryor Mountains. (more…) Continue Reading →

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The small college that changed my life


LAY OF THE LAND: An occasional series on the spirit of Montana

Things change, and whether we like it or not, people change. I’ve changed. I’ve moved from a scared college student to a confident mother. From a budding journalist to a genuine teacher. From a mere thinker to a published author. Continue Reading →

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In Pryor, climbing wall takes students to new heights


PRYOR—Armed with about $8,000 in grant money and a box of donated climbing harnesses and shoes, Pryor teacher Loren Rausch set out last year to share one of his life’s passions with his students at Plenty Coups High School. Rausch, a second-year science teacher at the school, has long been a rock-climbing aficionado, climbing in Alaska and Nepal between finishing his undergraduate degree and starting his job in Pryor. So, during his first year at Plenty Coups, which is located on the Crow Reservation, Rausch started ordering parts to build a 22-foot climbing wall in the school’s gymnasium. (more…) Continue Reading →

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