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It’s official: This was the snowiest winter on record


Sure, it’s a miserable day in Billings, Montana. But there is one consolation: we have officially broken the record for snowfall in one winter. The National Weather Service office in Billings put out an alert at 10:18, saying: “Wild weather in Billings this morning. We had a clap of thunder as rain changed to snow around 9:16 AM MDT. You can see the single lightning strike on the map below. Continue Reading →

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Camper crushed, baby inside survives, witness says


It was a close call for one family camped at Lake Alva this past weekend when a mature pine crashed down on the fifth-wheel trailer where a baby was sleeping, nearly splitting the vehicle in two. The incident was reported to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department on Friday evening, shortly after a powerful storm pushed through the Seeley-Swan Valley. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: Fleeting memories of terrible heat


I’m not usually one for looking at weather forecasts. I figure that because the weather is something you can’t change, what’s the point of reading about what it is expected to be? But it’s hard not to be interested in the near future when  you’re looking at a string of six days with temperatures of 100 or above. (more…) Continue Reading →

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