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600 inches of snow later, Sperry Chalet doing well


Sperry Chalet is filling with snow, but its talus-stone skeleton remains intact, an overflight of the historic Glacier National Park dormitory showed last week. Photographs taken from a helicopter revealed a noticeably deeper accumulation of snow inside the burned-out lodge than did similar photos taken during a February flight. Other buildings at the site, which were not burned, appeared to be nearly buried in the snow. (more…) Continue Reading →

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BuRec official, others dispute claims from river group


The Montana area manager for the federal Bureau of Reclamation has taken issue with a report critical of the bureau’s management of Yellowtail Dam on the Bighorn River. As we reported last week, the Bighorn River Alliance released a report saying BuRec’s operation of the dam has greatly damaged the world-class fishery below the dam and has also been injurious to farmers, ranchers, landowners and taxpayers. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Workers rush to save Glacier chalet before winter comes


In a race against winter they’re determined not to lose, 10 workers are camped in Glacier National Park’s backcountry, rushing to stabilize the burned-out shell of Sperry Chalet before it is buried beneath the snow. The work is privately funded through donations to the Glacier National Park Conservancy’s Sperry Action Fund, created the day after a wildfire overran the 103-year-old chalet on Aug. 31. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Time to cull the herd of bipedal mammals


Being somewhat familiar with the intricacies of United States’ public land law and the extent of the federal authority to manage said property, including the wildlife therein, I believe a ready solution is available to the increasing conflicts within Yellowstone National Park. The action proposed here would be the systematic and routine culling of the bipedal mammals which seasonally invade Yellowstone National Park, also referred to as tourists. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Crowds at park’s East Entrance portend busy year


CODY, WYO. — For the past decade, at 8 a.m. on the first Friday in May, Yellowstone National Park ranger Dennis Lenzendorf has pulled aside a locked barricade to open the park’s East Entrance to the season’s first visitors. But this year was a little different. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Commemorative coin to feature Yellowstone Park


In a preview of what is sure to be a diverse range of events and promotions next year celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, the U.S. Mint on Thursday released designs for three new coins, including one featuring Yellowstone National Park. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Yellowstone visitation tops 4 million for first time


CODY, WYO.—The record summer season at Yellowstone National Park finished with a bang, as October brought more than a quarter-million visitors, pushing the annual total to more than 4 million people so far—a milestone never reached before at the world’s first national park. (more…) Continue Reading →

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After record year, Yellowstone Park makes plans for 2016


CODY, WYO. — Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Dan Wenk has been making the rounds to gateway communities to discuss the ups and downs of the park’s record summer visitation. The good news is that more people are coming to Yellowstone than ever. Which is also the bad news. Or more specifically, that so many autos and buses are rolling through the park. Continue Reading →

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For Yellowstone Park, July was the busiest month ever


CODY, WYO. — If things seemed a little crowded last month during your visit to Yellowstone National Park, it wasn’t just you. It was the million other people who picked July to visit Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, Mammoth Hot Springs and the park’s other top attractions. (more…) Continue Reading →

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