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Montana Viewpoint: Keeping a wary eye on a crazy primary


This has to be the most entertaining primary election that I’ve ever witnessed, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. My particular favorite among the Republican candidates, Jeb Bush, just dropped out and I suspect it was because he was not as big a charlatan as the others. Kasich will be next for the same reason. (more…) Continue Reading →

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David Crisp: Out of ignorance, scorn for philosophers


At last week’s Republican presidential debate, Sen. Marco Rubio made a case for vocational education by attacking philosophy. “I don’t know why we have stigmatized vocational education,” he said. “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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David Crisp: A few more ideas for improving GOP debates


The debate over last week’s Republican presidential debate has snared the usual “liberal media” suspects. But that misses the point. The debate questions that caused controversy didn’t even break along liberal-conservative lines. Moderator John Harwood got in trouble by asking whether Donald Trump was running a “comic-book version” of a campaign. (more…) Continue Reading →

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