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Parking garage’s huge mural will depict Billings’ history


Brushstroke by brushstroke, Terri Porta is telling the history of Billings on an enormous downtown canvas. That canvas is made up of the walls and ceiling at the entrance to the City Hall parking garage on Second Avenue North. Porta started working on the huge mural on May 7 and plans to finish up by the end summer, when she will have left her mark on an estimated 4,600 square feet of wall and ceiling space. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Historian takes close look at ‘dirty time’ in Billings’ history


Just shy of 100 years ago, unpatriotic “slackers” in Billings were put on notice. It was reported in the Oct. 26, 1917, edition of the Billings Evening Journal that residents who refused to buy war bonds — and those who seemed to have “undersubscribed,” given their incomes and assets — would soon be punished. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Jimmie Rodgers show to hit the road

Jimmie Rodgers

I think this qualifies as news: The Humanities Montana board of directors is sending me and my brother, John, on the road with our presentation, “Jimmie Rodgers: The Life and Times of the Father of Country Music.” We will be taking this around the state under the auspices of the Speakers Bureau program of Humanities Montana. We have the Western Heritage Center to thank for this. I think it was Community Historian Kevin Kooistra who came up with the idea of having a monthly series of presentations in 2013 that focused on individual musicians or musical genres. For me it was kind of a dream come true. Continue Reading →

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