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‘Southern-inspired’ comfort food served at Sassy Biscuit


When she decided to open a new restaurant, Jilan Hall-Johnson said, her goal was to offer something “completely different from anything you’ve ever had in Billings.” A glance at the menu of The Sassy Biscuit Company, which is in the midst of a soft opening this week at 115 N. 29th St. in downtown Billings, would seem to suggest that she has accomplished her mission. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Brockel’s ‘Nun Better’ boosts Catholic schools campaign


Almost anything can be better, but Gary Brockel wanted to create a confection of which there would be none better. Make that Nun Better. That was the name chosen for a new confection from Brockel’s Chocolates he concocted to help the Billings Catholic School Foundation raise money for its new K-8 school, now under the first phase of construction on Colton Boulevard. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Todd’s Plantation and the dawn of real coffee in Billings


It’s hard to imagine now, but back when Todd Miller opened his coffee shop in downtown Billings, nobody in town was roasting coffee and probably half the small number of people who had heard of espresso called it expresso. “Coffee was whatever they slopped in your cup at the local cafe, and everybody bought their coffee for home consumption in two-pound red cans,” Miller said. (more…) Continue Reading →

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