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Film tracks efforts to protect prime elk-hunting habitat


In 2012, Montanans were introduced to two relatively unknown billionaire brothers from Texas who were in the process of purchasing hundreds of thousands of acres of ranch land in Montana. The Wilks brothers, Farris and Dan — now the second-largest landowners in the state — had made their fortune selling their company Frac Tech, one of the first large hydraulic fracturing companies in the country, at the height of the oil boom, in a deal that was reportedly worth $3.2 billion. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Humans of New York inspires series of oil and gas profiles


A Billings-based environmental group has taken to social media to spread stories of Westerners whose lives have been touched by oil and gas development. Still in its early stages, the experiment appears to be a budding success. In just two months, the Living with Oil and Gas project has attracted more than 2,200 likes on Facebook and more than 400 followers each on Twitter and Instagram. (more…) Continue Reading →

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