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Rare Ghost Dance artifacts on display at county museum


The centerpiece of a new exhibit at the Yellowstone County Museum is a Ghost Dance shirt made for a son of Sitting Bull, but Kathy Barton’s favorite piece in the exhibit is a pair of Arapaho moccasins. Barton, the museum’s curator, said the soles of the moccasins are clearly marked with a series of horizontal scratches, vivid testimony to the side-to-side shuffling motion that marked Ghost Dance ceremonies. (more…) Continue Reading →

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County museum exhibit tells local story of World War I


Among the contributions made by residents of Yellowstone County to achieve victory in World War I was the tireless needlework of Peter Peroe. The Red Cross encouraged people to abandon their dainty knitting and instead create regulation clothing and supplies for American soldiers. In response, knitters in Yellowstone County made more than 26,500 items and knit more than 22,000 garments. (more…) Continue Reading →

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