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Young’s Point a landmark of history, geography


Not many people can look from their home and point to historic locales along the Yellowstone River. Friends of mine bought a house just above Park City and nestled along the river. Their southern view is dominated by the several-hundred-foot-high rocky outcropping of Young’s Point. This area historically and geologically marked—coming from the west—the beginning of the broad and fertile valley of the lower Yellowstone River. Here begin the foothills that extend west to the Crazy Mountains, the Beartooth Range and the Yellowstone National Park uplift. Continue Reading →

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Montana Ethic Project: ‘Citizens United’ and fair elections


This is the eighth chapter of the 32-part video series “The Montana Ethic Project.” This chapter features Montana Gov. Steve Bullock speaking on “Citizens United v. Montana.” When the interview was taped in 2011, Bullock was the Montana attorney general. In that role, Bullock challenged the U.S. Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision by defending Montana’s 100-year-old ban on corporate campaign expenditure. The court ruled against Montana in a 5-4 vote. You can watch the whole video below. Here is how it begins:
“Often we don’t think that a U.S. Supreme Court case can have an impact in our daily lives or political life. But there was one that was decided, just early 2010, that I think really can. Continue Reading →

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Recollections of a slightly older Montana


I see where a young feller who works for the newspaper in Helena has written a piece headlined “10 things out-of-towners quickly learn after moving to Montana.”

It seems this young feller, Landon Hemsley, moved here in January from San Diego, which makes him more of an out-of-stater than an out-of-towner, but we’ll blame an editor, not Landon, for the headline. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Butte public archives ‘a little gem of Montana’


BUTTE—Six years ago, when she was still teaching English and history for Billings Catholic Schools, Stella Burke organized a two-day field trip to Butte for about 80 seventh-graders. There, among other activities, her pupils went into an underground mine and visited the mansion of Copper King William Clark. But the highlight of the trip, she said, was spending time in the Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives. (more…) Continue Reading →

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