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Prairie Lights: Let the word-banning begin


The Washington Post reported this weekend that the Trump administration has come up with a list of forbidden words and phrases that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will not be allowed to use in budget documents. The list has nothing to do with George Carlin’s seven dirty words, words that I am not going to publish here gratuitously, though I do urge you to watch the entire, priceless George Carlin video. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: In the new news biz, truth is for suckers


There has been no lack of disappointing, discouraging news over the past few months, but I don’t think anything I read was as depressing as these two sentences:

“Six months ago, Wade and his business partner, Ben Goldman, were unemployed restaurant workers. Now they’re at the helm of a website that gained 300,000 Facebook followers in October alone and say they are making so much money that they feel uncomfortable talking about it because they don’t want people to start asking for loans.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: Marc Racicot takes the high road … for now


Former Montana Gov. Marc Racicot, also the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, is making waves for his anti-Trump op-ed in the Washington Post. The piece is interesting both for what it says and what it does not say. For starters, it is full of the kind of grandiloquent Hallmarkian sentiments Racicot was known for when he was governor. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Billings woman mum after telling ABC about Hastert allegations

I suppose everyone’s heard by now that a Billings woman, Jolene Burdge, has come forward to say that her late brother, Steve Reinboldt, was sexually abused by former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert. I was asked by the Washington Post to speak with Burdge this morning, so I went to her house on Avenue D about 10 a.m. A man who identified himself as Burdge’s husband said she was not granting any more interviews. He said she told ABC News everything she knew as completely and honestly as she could, and that if she talked to other media her story might be “misconstrued.” He also said they have been flooded with interview requests from all over the country, starting this morning at 7. He said of his wife that “God is with her.” Continue Reading →

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From the Outpost: Cutting ties in a changing media world

David Crisp

Editor’s note: David Crisp occasionally writes an Editor’s Notebook column for his weekly newspaper, the Billings Outpost. We are honored to be able to share his work with our readers. We are also a little embarrassed to be mentioned in this, his first contribution. In Washington, Ezra Klein cuts ties with the Washington Post to launch his own online news venture, Project X. In Montana, Ed Kemmick cuts ties with the Billings Gazette to launch his own online news venture, Last Best News. (more…) Continue Reading →

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