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Local boy (and his restaurant) makes good

Well, this is pretty cool. Local Kitchen and Bar, which we profiled when it opened and where we have eaten many times since, was selected by Travel and Leisure as the best farm-to-table restaurant in Montana. The short article doesn’t say whether Lynn Donaldson-Vermillion helped Travel and Leisure make the selection, but it does quote her extensively. If you haven’t checked out Lynn’s elegant, mouth-watering Last Best Plates website (great name, too!), here’s your chance. Local Kitchen chef Travis Stimpson worked at some great downtown Billings restaurants—Walkers Grill, Cafe Italia and Lilac—before deciding to bring a bit of the downtown to the West End, just off Shiloh Road and Grand Avenue at 1430 Country Manor Blvd., to be exact. Continue Reading →

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Taste of Billings: 5 questions for Walkers chef Marlo Spreng


The second annual Taste of Billings, featuring two nights of fine dining at the historic Billings Depot on Montana Avenue, is set for Friday and Saturday, Feb. 5 and 6. The Saturday night formal dinner will feature a seven-course meal, each plate paired with a wine. All proceeds will go to support the nonprofit Billings Depot. More information is available on the depot website. Continue Reading →

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New West End restaurant is all about local, and anti-chain


During a discussion about his new West End restaurant, chef Travis Stimpson talked about community almost as much as he talked about food. That’s because he wants his Local Kitchen & Bar to foster a sense of community and to be an important part of the community as well. He wants people to enjoy good food and drink grown and made in Montana, and he wants them to stop thinking that eating at chain restaurants has anything to do with fine dining. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Sawed-off bus makes for one-of-a-kind motorhome

Bus shed

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of RVs, campers, motorhomes and fifth wheels in and around Billings. But it’s safe to say that nobody else has a ride quite like the one owned by Lyndsay Jackson and Patchwork. Patchwork is the name of Lyndsay’s companion, and he doesn’t use a last name. For the past four months, they’ve been living in a sawed-off church bus with a crude steel shed attached to it. (more…) Continue Reading →

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A Scotsman walks into a bar…

Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana
It was an evening in late May 1995. Around midnight, I got back to my room at the Northern Hotel in Billings and picked up the phone. I was desperate to talk to my wife, Mary, who was back home in Scotland, where it was 7 in the morning. The conversation went roughly as follows: (more…) Continue Reading →

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Lively jazz scene thrills musicians, listeners

Jazz walkers

Sitting in the bar at Walkers Grill on a Sunday night, you can tell when the out-of-towners walk in. They generally pause just inside the door and stand there staring at the scene before them. It’s almost always crowded, with a clientele running from teenagers to people in their 70s or 80s. (more…) Continue Reading →

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