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Last Best News throws 2nd annual fundraiser-party this Friday


It’s time for the second annual Last Best News fundraising party. The first Last Best News bash was held on Feb. 26, 2016, on an unusually beautiful day that brought about 400 people to the Garage Pub at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Company. I wrote in the aftermath of that event that we hoped we wouldn’t need a fundraiser again for a good long while. However, as I said, “we also agreed that the party was so much fun that we ought to make it an annual event.” Continue Reading →

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Local band the Henge takes inspiration from the Band


The Band brought them together, and the Band is helping to define their sound. The Henge, which played an energetic set at the Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.’s Garage Pub last weekend, had its genesis when Bryan Brooksby heard Austin Schilling play “The Weight” during an open-mic session at the Garage Pub. (more…) Continue Reading →

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