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Minnesota Avenue’s Oasis sign comes down


We reported a couple of weeks ago that the old Oasis Bar sign on Minnesota Avenue had been sold to a local, private collector. The sign came down today, witnessed by its new owner, Steve Henry, and the couple who sold him the sign, Pat and Angie Cormier, as well as a few passersby. We were too busy to do any kind of story today, but we did get some photos. If you do want more details, KTVQ evening anchor Jay Kohn was on hand and should have the whole story later today. Continue Reading →

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Minnesota Avenue’s Oasis Bar sign sold to local collector


The old Oasis Bar sign, a landmark on Minnesota Avenue for more than 60 years, is being sold to a private collector. Building owner Angie Cormier confirmed that the sign, with its camel and cactus outlined in neon, has been sold to Billings native Steve Henry, who will display it at Henry’s Garage, his corporate conference center on Garden Avenue. (more…) Continue Reading →

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