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Refugees, settled in Montana, to tell their stories in film


Much has been written about the African and Middle Eastern refugees who have resettled in Missoula in the past year, welcomed by many and looked at with fear and disdain by many others. Now, some of those refugees will be using video cameras to tell their own stories of what it means to resettle so far from home, and to share with the rest of us their perceptions of their new surroundings. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Again, Missoula is ready to welcome refugees


Editor’s Note: Missoula Mayor John Engen wrote this guest editorial for the Missoulian and we are reprinting it here, with his permission. We wanted people to know what leadership looks like, particularly at a time when too many politicians are shamelessly pandering to voters’ worst instincts, stoking fears and making scapegoats of some of the most desperate, defenseless people on earth. I was 13 when the first Hmong refugees began arriving in Missoula from a place about which I knew nothing; a country across the planet I didn’t know existed. (more…) Continue Reading →

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