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Montana Viewpoint: The simple virtues of Jess Nelson


Jess Nelson was a machinist in Thompson Falls for many years. He was good at it, but what he was really good at was standing up for honesty and justice. He was my friend, and I think of him often even though he died many years ago. He had been in a nursing home for a couple of years, and by coincidence I happened to be sitting in his living room when I heard that he had died earlier that day. It was my birthday. Continue Reading →

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Colstrip: At the intersection of coal and climate change


On a blustery December evening, Gene Wier and his grown son Bryan are wrenching on hand-built hot rods in their machine shop on the edge of Colstrip. There’s bright light, good grease smells, a football game on the TV. They tell me to come on in. When Gene ran for town council a few years back, he recalls, he was asked to sum up what makes this town of 2,300 residents unique. His answer cut to the basics: “We have a coal plant in our front yard, and a coal mine in our back yard.”

And like most people around here, he likes it that way. Continue Reading →

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ADA at 25: Still a way to go, but much to celebrate


FORSYTH—Not too long ago, Arvin Post said, most disabled people knew this drill: “The route to go was the garbage truck route, because wherever a garbage truck could go, a wheelchair could go.”

Even now, he said, rolling down the alley is often easier than trying to navigate a wheelchair through curb cuts in sidewalks, and paved alleys are often flatter and smoother than sidewalks. (more…) Continue Reading →

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