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Robson out as manager of This House of Books


Gary Robson is no longer the CEO and general manager of This House of Books in downtown Billings. Details are scarce, but apparently the independent cooperative bookstore has been struggling financially since it opened Oct. 1, and with the departure of Robson and the manager of the store’s new tea bar, there are only two full-time employees. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Downtown bookstore, still gearing up, hosts open house


Potential customers of and investors in a downtown Billings cooperative bookstore got a sneak peek at the space Thursday night. The two-hour open house at This House of Books, in the old Wendy’s at Second Avenue North and North 29th Street, attracted a steady flow of people. The event no doubt got a bit of a boost from the Pita Pit-hosted Alive After 5 concert, which drew hundreds of people to the stretch of Second Avenue between North 29th and Broadway. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Bookstore video explains ‘cooperative’ concept


If you’re wondering exactly what a cooperative is, specifically as it relates to This House of Books, a cooperative bookstore that is hoping to open by Sept. 1 in downtown Billings, here’s a video you’ll enjoy. It is a conversation between Gary Robson, who will be managing the store, and Precious McKenzie, vice president of the bookstore board of directors. They talk about why the cooperative model was chosen and what it means for potential investors and customers, and they also talk about how the store was named, among other topics. Continue Reading →

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