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Opinion: Pearl Jam, talk to Tester about public lands


“The preservation of a few samples of undeveloped territory is one of the most clamant issues before us today. Just a few more years of hesitation and the only trace of that wilderness which has exerted such a fundamental influence in molding American character will lie in the musty pages of pioneer books. … To avoid this catastrophe demands immediate action.”
— Robert “Bob” Marshall, co-founder, The Wilderness Society
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Pearl Jam adds Missoula stop to ‘exclusive’ tour


Pearl Jam added Missoula to its exclusive summer concert series as part of its abbreviated “Home Shows” tour, the University of Montana announced on Wednesday. The concert, set for Aug. 13 in Washington-Grizzly Stadium, marks 28 years of the band’s live performances and the seventh time it has played at UM. (more…) Continue Reading →

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