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Young computer science student shoots for the stars


Kobi Hudson is still a little embarrassed about how he acquired an intense interest in computer science. “I was just really against the idea of taking a foreign language in high school,” he said. So when he heard that some colleges gave foreign-language credits for computer science classes, “I said, ‘Heck yeah!’” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Found objects add up to small mysteries


As mysteries go, I am aware that the two I want to write about today aren’t exactly on par with the tombstone found in the Yellowstone River. Still, these are both rather touching, I hope you will agree. The first one I ran into this weekend, when my wife and I were walking our dogs in the old neighborhood. At the corner McDonnell Boulevard and Locust Street, a couple of blocks due south of the main entrance to the MSUB campus, we came across the little sign at left. If you can’t read it, the sign says, “For the person whose child lost this spoon.” Continue Reading →

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