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Up Alkali Creek: Good-bye to a special place


The artist stepped back to study the imprint of her hands on the grainy sandstone surface above her head. She was satisfied and added nothing else. The red berry dye reflected her slender hands well. As she had lifted her fingers, she trailed them slightly upward, elongating each finger—reflecting the radiation outward of her personal power. She thought the simplicity elegant. Continue Reading →

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A new way to conceptualize Montana’s immensity

Generally speaking, the proprietors of Last Best News do not like to give businesses free advertising. There are exceptions to every rule, however. The exception here is that this particular business, or at least its PR company, came up with something so intrinsically interesting that we couldn’t resist. Here you go:

Via Montana Continue Reading →

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‘If the states were bar patrons’—a hit and a miss


You’ve probably all seen the latest list by now—”The 50 States of America if They Were Actually People in a Bar.” I know it’s been racing around the Internet. Based on my not particularly astute knowledge of this country, is seems fairly accurate. Two of my favorites were right next to each on the list:

“Texas is singing karaoke about how great Texas is.” “Utah is the designated driver, sipping on water and making sure nobody gets too crazy.” Continue Reading →

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Study confirms it: Montana drivers the worst (or tied, anyway)


Well, it’s official. Everybody loves to complain how terrible all other drivers are, and one constantly reads and hears the claim that “Billings drivers are the worst,” or, in the alternative, “Montana drivers are the worst.” In a nationwide ranking compiled by, Montana tied with South Carolina as home to the worst drivers. The ranking gave each states points for:

Fatalities rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. Failure to obey (percentage of fatal crashes that involved traffic tignals, not wearing seat belts, and driving with an invalid driver license). Continue Reading →

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Montana wins popularity contest with Wyoming, but…

Here’s the good news: In a “Wild West Smackdown: Montana Versus Wyoming” posted on Yahoo! Travel, 67 percent of readers who had voted by Wednesday evening picked Montana over Wyoming. Here’s the bad news: There are so many laughable mistakes in the description of Montana that one wonders if the contest is worth winning. I’ve made a few blunders in my journalism career, some of them mortifying, but for the love of God, how many mistakes can be made in one short article? We read, for instance, of the Montana towns of Bannock (change that o to an a, please), and Harlowtown (-ton, please!). Continue Reading →

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What makes people want the worst job in America?

On the eve of the primary election, I thought I should bring to your attention an excellent article I read on vacation. The story — headlined “Is being a congressperson the worst job in America?” — appeared in the most recent edition of City Pages, an alternative weekly in the Twin Cities. I guess the headline (and the one on the cover, seen at left) rather gives it away: The answer is yes, it is the worst job in America. The article gives eight reasons why the job is so bad, backed up by facts and anecdotes. Continue Reading →

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