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Libertarian House candidate sits down with Montana Mint


Editor’s note: This is reprinted with permission from  Montana Mint, a website whose stated mission is to “Bring the best of Montana to the internet.”

Mark Wicks, an Inverness cattle rancher and author, is the Libertarian Party candidate running for Montana’s open Congressional seat. He sat down with the Montana Mint on Friday to talk about his campaign, why Democrats and Republicans should vote third party, and his book “The Wrath of the Dodo.” Unlike his fellow candidates, Wicks campaigns without a staff, without full-time volunteers, and with little to no financial assistance from party he represents. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Montana Mint talks politics, sports, music with Rob Quist


Editor’s note: This is reprinted with permission from  Montana Mint, a website whose stated mission is to “Bring the best of Montana to the internet.” The Montana Mint recently had the opportunity to speak with Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate in Montana’s special election for our lone seat in Congress. We spoke with Quist between campaign events and discussed the campaign, his thoughts on President Trump, his past financial issues, and his favorite pizza in the state. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Montana Mint’s pizza contest down to ‘Sweet 16’

Voting is underway for the Montana Mint Second Annual March Madness Pizza Bracket Contest. Last year, you may recall, the winner was Eugene’s Pizza in Glasgow. The contest, sponsored by Montana Mint, the website whose stated mission is to “bring the best of Montana to the internet,” went live on March 16 this year. It is now down to the “Sweet 16.” Voting has already been so heavy, according to a press release from Montana Mint, that the website crashed and was down for nearly an hour on Friday. Continue Reading →

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Montana Mint, statewide readers pick top athletes


Over at Montana Mint, the results are in. As we reported recently, the popular all-things-Montana blog asked the public to help find the four greatest athletes in Montana history—the Mount Rushmore of Montana sports. With more than 2,500 votes cast, the four are Dave Dickenson, Larry Krystkowiak, Dave McNally and Evel Knievel. As the Montana Mint noted, “The winners all represent different sports and different hometowns: Dickenson (Football/Great Falls), Krystkowiak (Basketball/Missoula), McNally (Baseball/Billings), and Evel Knievel (Stunts/Butte).” So now we know that “stunts” is officially a sport. Continue Reading →

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Montana Mint, with readers’ help, to crown top athletes

The Montana Mint has released a list of the top 16 athletes in Montana history and is asking fans to vote for their top four. On Feb. 12, the website will crown the “Mount Rushmore” of Montana sports. The Montana Mint, which says its simple mission is to “Bring the best of Montana to the Internet,” compiled its list of top 16 athletes after polling its fans through various social media platforms. (more…) Continue Reading →

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One man’s reasons for loving Billings

Rich man

Poking around Montana Mint, which we are also featuring as our Website of the Week (see left rail on our home page), we came across “Big on Billings: 7 Reasons Billings Does it Better.” It’s hard to argue with the list of reasons (though we might dispute the assertion that the Bighorn River is only “30 minutes away”). And here’s our favorite:

“Lilac made the list of the top 100 American-cuisine restaurants in the nation by Open Table. “And to everyone in Great Falls whose idea of fine dining is unlimited breadsticks, yes we have an Olive Garden (and you won’t find us there).” Continue Reading →

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