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Montana Ethic Project: How to foster high-tech industry


This is the 24th chapter of the 32-part video series “The Montana Ethic Project.” This chapter features Greg Gianforte, who was still with RightNow Technologies when this interview was conducted and who is now, of course, the Republican candidate for governor. He discusses the subject of “High Tech in Montana.” You can watch the whole video below. Here is an edited transcript of how it begins:

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School choice advocates gaining influence, financing


Much has already been made of the news that the Montana House Education Committee will be led during the 2015 legislative session by two prominent supporters of school choice and charter schools. But since Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock is likely to veto any attempts to bring school choice to Montana, it’s the long game that is more interesting, and in that sense backers of school choice seem positioned to prevail someday soon. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Mayor Hanel in the hot seat for Monday’s NDO vote


All eyes will be on Mayor Tom Hanel Monday night, when the Billings City Council is finally scheduled to vote on a nondiscrimination ordinance. Hanel appears to be the swing vote on the 11-member council, and on a roll-call vote the mayor is traditionally the last one to cast his vote. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Rocky president stands by speaker, debate continues


Greg Gianforte, the Bozeman entrepreneur whose planned commencement speech at Montana Tech in Butte sparked talk of a boycott, offered to “step down” from giving a similar speech at Rocky Mountain College next month. But Robert Wilmouth, president of the private college in Billings, insisted that Gianforte give the commencement address as planned. (more…) Continue Reading →

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