Missoula Mercantile

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The Merc is gone, but its beautiful wood lives on


As crews toiled away within the confines of the Missoula Mercantile this winter, those at Home ReSource puzzled over the monumental task of moving, sorting and stacking an estimated 200,000 board feet of lumber. There were nails to pull, prices to set and, above all, a method was needed to make it available to the general public. Mission accomplished. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Historic Missoula Mercantile slowly coming down


The spring rain will find few obstructions as it falls over the Missoula Mercantile, with some drops now making their way to the dusty basement without interference. Deconstruction crews with Home ReSource continued to dismantle the downtown building this week, and expect to have the salvage job completed by April. (more…) Continue Reading →

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