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Missoula Marine honored for returning fallen enemy’s flag


The Missoula City Council and all in the audience at Monday night’s council meeting stood to honor Missoula veteran Marvin Strombo for the compassion he showed a Japanese family who lost a son and brother in World War II. Earlier this year, Strombo fulfilled a commitment he made seven decades earlier to return a Japanese flag found on the body of an enemy soldier after a ferocious 1944 battle on the island of Saipan. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Missoula OKs background checks on gun sales


Missoula’s gun lobby and its supporters sought to defeat an ordinance requiring background checks on all firearm sales and transfers within the city limits on Monday night, long before the scheduled hearing on the issue began. But while opponents and the National Rifle Association mounted a strong opposition, arguing that the ordinance would be both unenforceable and unconstitutional, the Missoula City Council voted 8-4 to approve the new law. (more…) Continue Reading →

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