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Egan hits just the right notes in ‘Montana 1889’

In the preface to “The Bible in Spain” by George Borrow, the strangely engrossing book I am now reading, Borrow begins like this:

“It is very seldom that the preface of a work is read; indeed, of late years, most books have been sent into the world without any. I deem it, however, advisable to write a preface, and to this I humbly call the attention of the courteous reader, as its perusal will not a little tend to the proper understanding and appreciation of this volume.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Book reviews: History, suspense, memoir and more

“Spirit of Steamboat” and “Wait for Signs,” both by Craig Johnson. Viking. Shoppers for last-minute Christmas presents could do worse than to pick up one, or both, of these two quick reads by the creator of Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire, now the title character in a TV drama. (more…) Continue Reading →

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