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In busy week in Helena, LGBTQ protections debated


The Montana Legislature heard emotional testimony last week on a bill that would include gender identity and sexual orientation in the state’s non-discrimination laws. Introduced by Rep. Kelly McCarthy, D-Billings, House Bill 417 would add LGBTQ-identifying individuals to a list of classes protected by the Montana Human Rights Act, meaning it would prevent them from being discriminated against when seeking housing and employment, and when using public accommodations. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Legislative update: Wednesday, Jan. 11

Bill would ban sales of culturally significant Indian artifacts
By Cole Grant
Representative George Kipp III of Heart Butte wants Montana to ban the sale of culturally significant Native American objects. House Bill 114, which Kipp is carrying, would do just that. “It does not say you can’t make them, hang them on your wall if you’re an artist,” Kipp said. “But when you got to try to sell them, it’ll discourage you from doing that.”

Kipp wants the same respect given to endangered species to be given to these objects. He uses the example of getting caught trying to sell a ceremonial pipe that has eagle feathers on it. “And they’ll say, ‘Oh, you got four eagle feathers on this pipe. Continue Reading →

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Politicians, and their critics, get tough grades


My insect antennae went up as soon as I saw the grade on the political mailer: F.

I give out a lot of B’s and C’s, and the occasional D, but not many F’s. They are usually reserved for students who don’t show up to class, don’t do the work or steal the work of others. So what crimes had Rep. Kelly McCarthy, D-Billings, committed to deserve a grade of F from Americans for Prosperity, the Bozeman-based arm of the political action group funded by the Koch brothers? AFP flunked McCarthy on three issues: He voted for Obamacare expansion, against income tax reform and against school choice. Well, at least McCarthy voted. Continue Reading →

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Simple answers hard to find in debate on Montana wages


Greg Gianforte, a Republican candidate for Montana governor, has been going around the state arguing that Montana ranks 49th in the nation in wages. Is he right? Well, sure. But one might also argue that in terms of income, Montana ranks 47th—or 44th, or 42nd, or 41st, or 37th, or 35th or 31st. It depends on who is measuring and exactly what is being measured. Continue Reading →

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Gianforte brings ‘Regulation Roundup’ tour to Billings


Greg Gianforte brought his Regulation Roundup tour to Billings on Monday to look for ways to save businesses from “death by a thousand cuts,” but most of those who showed up had bigger issues in mind. Billings was the sixth of 60 stops on the tour by the Republican candidate for governor. His goal, he said, is to find ways to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses to help Montana improve its status as 49th in the country in average wages. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Big plans in the works for Billings ‘gateway’


Redevelopment of an industrial area of Billings that sits astride some of the most heavily traveled roads in the state is scheduled to start this spring. The Exposition Gateway, as it is known, takes in an area bounded by First and Sixth avenues north, MetraPark and North 10th Street. A redevelopment plan for the Exposition Gateway aptly describes it as “the ragged edge of the downtown.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Lawmaker, now publisher, helping to find his successor


Many of the candidates hoping to occupy the state House seat vacated by Rep. Jonathan McNiven will be featured in the issue of the Yellowstone County News that will hit the shelves Thursday. It was his recent purchase of that weekly newspaper that prompted McNiven to resign from the Legislature just two weeks after he was re-elected to the House by a wide margin. (more…) Continue Reading →

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