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Prairie Lights: Some readers buffaloed by April Fools’ fun


Some years back, I wrote an expose of an article that ran in the now-defunct Weekly World News. The article claimed that Montana Highway Patrol officers had gunned down a Bigfoot, also known as a sasquatch, after the brute terrorized a New Zealand couple in Beaverhead Rock State Park near Dillon. (more…) Continue Reading →

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A look back at the best of Last Best News, 2015


In honor of the new year, let me offer up what I consider the best of the Last Best News stories of 2015. Early in the new year, in a Prairie Lights column, I wrote about a deeply religious overseas terrorist organization. The conclusions I drew from that slice of history would resonate throughout the coming year. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Montana Quarterly: Counting our blessings

Editor’s note: This has been updated to cover a lamentable oversight. Dear readers, consider this a public service announcement. If you are not a subscriber to the Montana Quarterly, or if, God forbid, you have never even looked at a copy of that fine magazine, here’s what you should do: run out right now and buy the winter edition. It’s available at a lot of stores, including all the Albertsons stores, as far as I know. The Montana Quarterly is always good, but this winter edition is uncommonly good, showcasing some of the MQ’s best writers doing what they do best. Continue Reading →

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National Geographic takes a shine to another John Warner pic


I feel compelled once again to let you all know that John Warner has been singled out for plaudits by National Geographic, this time for his incredible photograph of a winter-bound beaver at Lake Elmo State Park, which appeared on Last Best News in December. It is featured as the Photo of the Day by National Geographic for Feb. 26, 2015. John was also kind enough to have a bit of fun with the photo, which turned into Last Best News’ digital Christmas card:

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Lake Elmo beavers: Cute, yes, but something of a nuisance

Ice beaver

Three or four beavers—one or two adults and two kits—have built themselves a home on the shores of Lake Elmo in the Heights. Their bank den is on the west side of the 64-acre reservoir, near the boat launch and right alongside a culvert that feeds the lake with water from the Billings Bench Water Association canal. A bank den is similar to a lodge but incorporates the bank surface into the structure. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Last Best’s 1st quarter report — so far, so good

On the slowest day in the short life of Last Best News, just 131 people visited the site. That was on Saturday, Feb. 15, two weeks after the site launched on Feb. 1. That depressing day was followed by a few more slow Saturdays, which convinced me that people simply don’t spend much time on the Internet on that day of the week. Continue Reading →

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