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Billings couple sends art aloft, lifting spirits in the process


For part of Terry Zee Lee’s childhood, her family lived near the Pacific Ocean in Oregon. She and her three sisters and her brother would often spend the whole day playing on the beach. Their mother, who wanted to keep an eye on them but had things to do, would tie a kite string to each child’s wrist, so that they were all tethered to kites soaring above the beach. Their mother could do her work around the house while periodically looking out the window and counting kites. You might say that Lee has been attached to kites ever since. Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: Volunteers, donors and a long legacy


Twenty years ago, in the spring of 1996, I drove for more than 20 miles along the Yellowstone River in the passenger seat of Norm Schoenthal’s battered pickup truck. Schoenthal was then the greenway coordinator for the Yellowstone River Parks Association. I was working for the Billings Gazette, having recently gone back to reporting after working as an editor for seven years. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Harvest Church volunteers give huge boost to river park


For nearly four years, volunteers with the Yellowstone River Parks Association, individually or occasionally in small groups, have been working to prepare a regional park a few miles northeast of Billings. This past weekend, their labors got an enormous boost from more than 500 volunteers in a project organized by Harvest Church. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Piece by piece, beautiful river park is coming together


A park along Five Mile Creek northeast of Billings might not be open to the public for a few more years, but striking progress has been made since work began there four years ago. Most striking of all is a 210-foot-long suspension bridge over a coulee near the top of the park, just east of where Mary Street turns into Five Mile Road southwest of Pioneer School. (more…) Continue Reading →

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