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Before it’s too late, a paean to a remnant of pine and rimrock

Just north

There’s a place north of the Heights—maybe the latter is called North Billings now—that is the last bastion of prairie rimrocks and pines, an outlander piece of land. About a half mile west of the Roundup Road, the area has remained off-track, probably because of its location in the middle of someone’s active horse pasture. I’ve always thought it would be a great place for a homesite if other homes could be kept away, and even dreamed of purchasing it somehow and placing it in a non-development conservation easement—except for my house, of course. (more…) Continue Reading →

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The Bar Tab: A lucky night to stumble into Stadium Club


We want to start by saying we are not Heights dwellers. It’s not that we have anything particularly against the Heights or its residents; we just live on the West End and don’t often make the long trek down Highway 3. Because of this, we generally do not find ourselves in the Heights after work. However, on one (truly) fateful night we needed to be in the Heights, had some time to kill, and decided to stop for a drink. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Photo Gallery: Winter scenes, mostly close to home


There was not much travel involved in this latest gallery of photos. A few of us did drive over to Paradise Valley on the weekend after Christmas, but most of the photographs were taken pretty close to home—in the case of the old Arcade Bar building, just half a block from home. (more…) Continue Reading →

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