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Making sense of Legislature’s surviving tax proposals


HELENA — When it comes to balancing the state budget, there are two schools of thought—raise taxes and generate revenue, or cut spending and save money. With the state facing a budget shortfall, that ideological difference has become all the more prominent throughout Montana’s 65th legislative session. Often, it defines party lines. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Legislative update: Wednesday, Jan. 11

Bill would ban sales of culturally significant Indian artifacts
By Cole Grant
Representative George Kipp III of Heart Butte wants Montana to ban the sale of culturally significant Native American objects. House Bill 114, which Kipp is carrying, would do just that. “It does not say you can’t make them, hang them on your wall if you’re an artist,” Kipp said. “But when you got to try to sell them, it’ll discourage you from doing that.”

Kipp wants the same respect given to endangered species to be given to these objects. He uses the example of getting caught trying to sell a ceremonial pipe that has eagle feathers on it. “And they’ll say, ‘Oh, you got four eagle feathers on this pipe. Continue Reading →

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