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Prairie Lights: Glimmers of good sense in election results


Three weeks ago in this space, I urged readers of Last Best News to vote for Gov. Steve Bullock and Montana Supreme Court candidate Dirk Sandefur, and in favor of Initiative 182, loosening restrictions on medical marijuana. I won’t claim one iota of credit, but I will admit that on an otherwise dismal Election Day, I was buoyed by the victories of Bullock, Sandefur and the proponents of I-182. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Taking potshots at 2016 election


An old newspaper joke says that the job of editorial writers is to go onto the field after the battle is over and shoot the survivors. The election is over; let the shooting begin. ♦ Cheapest shot: Democrats ran ad after ad pointing out that Greg Gianforte comes from New Jersey, as if failure to be born in Montana disqualifies candidates for public office. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Prairie Lights: Forget Trump, here are 2 key state races


If I thought it would make the slightest difference, I would urge readers of Last Best News to vote for Hillary Clinton, given the mountain of evidence that Donald Trump is completely unfit to be president. But it appears that Montana voters are going to favor Trump in any case. Fortunately, it appears just as likely that the country as a whole will reject him by a large margin. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Governor’s debate rouses two cheers for politics


I was just about ready to start this column this way: If you are not sufficiently depressed yet about the 2016 election, then I have a reading assignment for you. But suddenly I feel better. I admit that I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with this year’s presidential race. It’s the first time since the Kennedy-Nixon election of 1960 that I have genuinely worried about what will become of the country if the wrong candidate wins. I was only 9 years old then. Continue Reading →

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Gianforte, Bullock offer different views of state

Greg Gianforte, left, and Gov. Steve Bullock square off at MSU Billigs.

Greg Gianforte and Steve Bullock painted very different pictures of Montana in a debate at Montana State University Billings Monday night. Gov. Bullock, the incumbent Democrat, described a Montana that is fiscally prudent and a magnet for entrepreneurs. He said the state is growing rapidly in terms of median income and gross domestic product. Gianforte, the Republican challenger, characterized Montana as poorly managed, with declining reserve funds and low wages that drive young people out of the state. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Story’s op-ed doesn’t tell full story


Bob Story, executive director of the Montana Taxpayer Association and a former state legislator, has struck back with an op-ed piece taking on claims that income tax cuts passed in 2013 are cutting into school maintenance funding today. Story probably was referring to an opinion piece by educators, but since Last Best News has reported in considerable detail on this topic, allow me to retort. Those old tax cuts matter because gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has argued that income tax revenues actually increased after the cuts, and he has proposed doubling down by cutting rates even more. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Democrats turn out for Labor Day picnic

Jesse Laslovich speaks at the Labor Day picnic. Waiting to speak are, from left, Margie MacDonald, Chris Goodridge, Robyn Driscoll, Melissa Romano, Monica Lindeen and Jim Larson.

The Greater Yellowstone Central Labor Council Labor Day Picnic follows an unvarying agenda: fried chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch; a range of free domestic beers ranging from Budweiser to Bud Light; bluegrass music by Jim Southworth and Southbound; inflatables for the kids; and speeches by Democrats. The only difference this year was that an early drizzle and cool temperatures appeared to hold down the size of the crowd. Lunch lines, which sometimes take a half hour or longer to get through, were so short that one line closed altogether at an early hour. But the light rain had stopped and the sun was shining by the time political candidates were given a few minutes each to make their case to union members. As usual, all of the speakers were Democrats, except for Dirk Sandefur, who is running a nonpartisan race for the Montana Supreme Court. Continue Reading →

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Gianforte, Bullock and those Syrian refugees

Syrian boy

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte has been distributing fliers about Gov. Steve Bullock’s stance on admitting Syrian refugees into Montana. You can see an image from the flier to the left and below. The flier was being distributed statewide just as a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was settling in Missoula. We thought Gianforte got the message exactly right but the image wrong. So we updated it for him and posted it above. Continue Reading →

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Pay no mind; words no longer matter


A spokesman for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign defended his statement on Monday that Hillary Clinton “lacks the mental and physical stamina to take on ISIS” by saying that Trump was referring to policy differences. “Mental and physical stamina” is a synonym for “policy”? OK, I thought: It is official. Words no longer mean anything at all. It’s kind of a relief. Continue Reading →

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