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Stuck at Warm Springs: Patients’ rights under scrutiny

Warm Springs

An unknown number of non-criminal patients at Montana’s overcrowded state mental institution are stuck in limbo awaiting transfer to less restrictive facilities. The law says mental health patients must be held in the least restrictive setting possible. But even after Montana State Hospital civil patients have stabilized enough that mental-health staff clear them for transfer to less institutional treatment centers in or nearer their home communities, some patients report being delayed at the Warm Springs campus for months at a time. (more…) Continue Reading →

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A lesson for landowners: How to deal with an oil spill


Ah, memories. In July of 2011, my farm was flooded in oil from an Exxon pipeline that burst under the Yellowstone River. Landowners along the river grouped up pretty quickly since many of our families lived there for decades and together we went through months of dealing with cleanup workers, water and soil testing, chronic coughs and stress. Now we sit back and watch you go through an oil spill. Although the circumstances are different, I can tell you these things shake out the same way, all over the country. Continue Reading →

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