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A lesson for landowners: How to deal with an oil spill


Ah, memories. In July of 2011, my farm was flooded in oil from an Exxon pipeline that burst under the Yellowstone River. Landowners along the river grouped up pretty quickly since many of our families lived there for decades and together we went through months of dealing with cleanup workers, water and soil testing, chronic coughs and stress. Now we sit back and watch you go through an oil spill. Although the circumstances are different, I can tell you these things shake out the same way, all over the country. Continue Reading →

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Blessings, beadwork bring hope after a life of trouble


One of the most important moments in Jerel Driver’s life came 3½ years ago, two days before he was to start serving a prison term for criminal endangerment. He was living in Glendive, where he committed most of his crimes. He said all his trouble involved the same two things: alcohol and violence. “I grew up fighting,” he said. “That’s the way it was. Continue Reading →

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Beer, food, fun make for big draw at Wibaux brewery


WIBAUX — In the Gem Theatre attached to the Beaver Creek Brewery, Mighty Big Jim and the Tall Boys took the stage a little after 8 Saturday night. Their opening song was “Wibaux, MT,” a defiant anthem written by bandleader Jim Devine. The chorus opens with “We’re Wibaux, Montana/Who the hell are you/We like our sky big/We like to throw down a few.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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The Most Beautiful Lake in Montana


Lay of the Land: A series of essays on the spirit of Montana
Beauty is only skin deep? In this case, maybe a bit deeper…

I didn’t start out to find the most beautiful lake in Montana. Rather, at 59, I brushed off an old dream of bicycling solo across the United States. But to fit my dream within work, I would bike the country in multiple stretches over several years — a week or so, 3- to 400 miles at a time. (more…) Continue Reading →

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