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Suit says Fagg broke federal campaign finance laws


The American Democracy Legal Fund has filed a federal complaint against Yellowstone County District Judge Russell Fagg, alleging that he violated federal campaign finance laws by campaigning for the U.S. Senate without filing for the seat. The complaint, filed with the Federal Election Commission, contends that while Fagg has not yet filed for office or resigned his seat from the bench, he has actively distributed campaign literature and launched a campaign website with a donation platform. (more…) Continue Reading →

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David Crisp: 3rd parties face steep climb to higher office


If you are sick of hearing about Clinton, Cruz, Kasich, Sanders and Trump, take heart. Plenty of other choices are available. In fact, there are 1,686 of them, according to the Federal Election Commission, which has to keep track of everybody who files a FEC Form 2 Statement of Candidacy. The candidates for president range from Jon Ababiy of Blaine, Minn., running for the Peace and Freedom Party, to Gyro Zeppeli of Naples, Fla., running on the Socialist Equality Party ticket. (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘Dark money’ discussion, thankfully, includes solutions


Three experts on the role of money in politics painted a dire picture of American democracy at a forum in Billings Thursday night. But they also offered up some fairly simple solutions to the problems posed by “dark money”—the kind that now flows by the tens of millions from anonymous sources to influence politicians and shape public policy. (more…) Continue Reading →

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