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City Lights: Voter fraud is just the tip of the iceberg


Last month, I had occasion to criticize Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton, who seemed to be determined to cast doubt on the validity of our election processes. I thought it was a strange goal, given that the secretary of state is the chief elections officer for Montana. I wondered, was it something like having Scott Pruitt lead the Environmental Protection Agency, which he seems bent on dismantling? (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Dear President-elect, take the lead on climate change


An open letter to the president-elect:

Perhaps we can help you bring us together on the most important issue facing humankind. More than 97 percent of climate scientists have given you a flying start. They’ve proven that global warming is real, and we are causing it by burning too much fossil fuel. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Humans of New York inspires series of oil and gas profiles


A Billings-based environmental group has taken to social media to spread stories of Westerners whose lives have been touched by oil and gas development. Still in its early stages, the experiment appears to be a budding success. In just two months, the Living with Oil and Gas project has attracted more than 2,200 likes on Facebook and more than 400 followers each on Twitter and Instagram. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Opinion: Why the renewable-energy initiative makes sense


Brad Molnar ended The Billings Outpost’s run with an op-ed that demeaned ballot Initiative 180. We were exasperated by how little he faced facts. I-180 would require Montana’s Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) to gradually supply 80 percent of their power from “eligible renewable resources.” That includes wind, sun, geothermal or post-2005 additions to hydroelectric facilities. (more…) Continue Reading →

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A lesson for landowners: How to deal with an oil spill


Ah, memories. In July of 2011, my farm was flooded in oil from an Exxon pipeline that burst under the Yellowstone River. Landowners along the river grouped up pretty quickly since many of our families lived there for decades and together we went through months of dealing with cleanup workers, water and soil testing, chronic coughs and stress. Now we sit back and watch you go through an oil spill. Although the circumstances are different, I can tell you these things shake out the same way, all over the country. Continue Reading →

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Assiniboine leader resists Bakken’s ‘quick fix’


Lawrence Wetsit is a man with a sense of history. An administrator at the Fort Peck Community College in Poplar, he’s also the cultural leader for the Assiniboine tribe. His great grandfather, I Ax Ba, also called Chief Wets It, was known for his antelope horn bonnet and his ability to steal horses at night from a neighboring tribe. Wetsit speaks with a sense of great fondness for the land of his people. (more…) Continue Reading →

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