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City rapped for hauling snow twice, wasting time, money


In the aftermath of the big snowstorms at the end of  December, more than 50 city of Billings employees worked around the clock one weekend to haul snow from city streets to the big parking lot at Amend Park. The intent at the time was to use the city’s new Snow Dragon Snowmelter to turn those massive piles of snow into water, to make sure the parking lot was available when soccer season rolled around again in the spring. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Pedestrian bridge over tracks could finally be built

Ped bridge

Nearly 13 years after it was proposed, a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks in downtown Billings might finally be built this summer. Chris Hertz, an engineer with the city’s Public Works Department, expects to call for construction bids by mid-May, which would mean beginning construction in mid-June. (more…) Continue Reading →

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