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Helena manager a hit with Billings fans

Opposing managers occasionally strike a certain rapport with Billings Mustangs fans, but nobody ever has done it quite like Nestor Corredor. Corredor is the manager of the Helena Brewers, and he was a catcher for that team back in his playing days. When he took the field to coach third base on Wednesday night in Dehler Park, fans in Section 117 greeted him with applause and cheers. Section 117 is as close to the third base coaching box as a spectator can get, and we have had season tickets there ever since Dehler Park opened. It’s a cozy ballpark, and managers, who typically also coach third in the Pioneer League, often toss the fans foul balls, take a rope of licorice from a generous fan or exchange small talk. Continue Reading →

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The boys are back in town

Major League baseball is more than a third of a way through its season, but professional baseball in Billings started Friday night. Watching games on television is a lot more enjoyable these days than when I first started 50 years ago, but no major sport has a bigger gap between the game as viewed and the game as actually seen than baseball. The dimensions are all wrong on TV: Baseball is not a rectangular game, and even the biggest screen gives only a constrained sense of the dimensions of the field. My wife and I have had season tickets since Dehler Park opened, and it always takes a few innings to adjust to the games in person. So much more is going on, and I don’t just mean the crowd. Continue Reading →

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David Crisp: Baseball’s risks harder and harder to ignore


Imagine a sport in which part of the evening’s entertainment is, a couple of dozen times a game, to randomly fire hard objects traveling 100 mph at the fans in the stands. Imagine that an average of two fans get hurt every three games, even when the game is played at the highest level. (more…) Continue Reading →

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New Mustangs owners say they’re in for the long haul


The new owners of the Billings Mustangs said Friday that they intend to be in Billings for what one of them said would be a “very, very long time.”

Dave Heller and Bob Herrfeldt, partners in Main Street Baseball, based in Davenport, Iowa, were introduced at a press conference Friday afternoon at Dehler Park, the 6-year-old ballpark that is home to the Mustangs. (more…) Continue Reading →

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