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At long last, crumbling Poet Streets could be rebuilt


Mark Parker says a water-filled pothole on Woodland Drive in front of his house was so big that a pair of nesting mallards raised their young in it last spring. So he, for one, is glad that the city is planning to rebuild all the streets in his neighborhood this year. The project, he said, “is a breath of fresh air.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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Unstable rocks on Rims could loose ‘catastrophic’ flooding


Rich Clawson is convinced the city is going after the wrong rocks. Rather than taking down the “Santa Claus Rock” that towers over Sixth Avenue North, Clawson said, the city should be worried about unstable rocks, just four blocks west of Santa Claus, that could fall and plug the tunnel that carries the BBWA irrigation canal through the Rims. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Plans call for pulling over ‘Santa’ rock, to lie on Rims

A huge column of sandstone that towers over Sixth Avenue North is not going to be blown off the Rims with dynamite, as the “Monkey Face” formation over Zimmerman Trail was. City Engineer Debi Meling said it will be pulled over backward to lie on the rock shelf on which it is now perched. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Workers hired to stabilize Rims witness 2nd rockfall


Editor’s note: Don’t miss the video of the rockfall, posted by KTVQ. A link is at the bottom of this story. In the story posted just below this one, City Engineer Debi Meling predicted that another giant slab of sandstone would be falling off the Rims near Zimmerman Trail, hours after enormous boulders came down early Monday. (more…) Continue Reading →

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