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Montana Viewpoint: Getting used to ‘settled science’


Fires, floods and hurricanes are now something it seems we might have to get used to because of global warming. Some are skeptical that global warming exists, but when I bought a few hundred pounds of orchard grass seed to plant last year, I asked the dealer if I should buy the drought-resistant variety, and she said that that was probably a good idea. I live in the wettest part of Montana. (more…) Continue Reading →

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So-called scientists need to get their ducks in a row

I hope you all saw the brilliant letter to the editor in the Gazette this morning. It was a masterpiece — clever, sarcastic and absolutely irrefutable. And short. So short I’ll just reprint it, rather than linking to it:

“I see the United Nations is backing another summit on climate change. I wish the alarmists would make up their minds. Continue Reading →

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