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David Crisp: Quickly gathering storm dooms Rebel flag


Driving up North 27th Street on Saturday, I met an oncoming pickup truck with a Confederate battle flag proudly waving from its tailgate. No, wait. Flags can’t wave proudly. Pride, and any other emotion attached to flags, come only from the humans who view them. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Lancaster’s thoughts on rebel flag worth another read

In light of all the attention being paid to the Confederate flag these days, I thought I should bring to your attention a fine op-ed piece that Craig Lancester wrote for Last Best News last August. In “The Confederate flag and the NDO,” Lancaster wrote about how, as a teenager, he and his classmates at Richland High School in North Richland Hills, Texas, rebuffed a request from the local chapter of the NAACP to remove that flag from the school’s letterhead, uniforms, etc. It is a good, timely piece, worth reading again. I should also update Craig’s bio at the end of the piece. It reads: Craig Lancaster, of Billings, is the author of the novels “600 Hours of Edward,” “Edward Adrift,” “The Summer Son” and the forthcoming “The Fallow Season of Hugo Hunter.” 

Well, that forthcoming book has been out for a while, and his new forthcoming book is called “This Is What I Want.” Continue Reading →

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