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Prairie Lights: Mixed blessings, indelible memories


This is supposed to be the time of year we count our blessings and remind ourselves of all the good things that have happened in the past year and over the course of our lives. But that apparently isn’t the way my brain works. I usually think, instead, of all the things that have gone wrong on Christmases past, all the illnesses and snowstorms and white-knuckle travel associated with this particular holiday. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Map shows best Christmas light displays in Billings

When I was a boy, back in the pioneer days, our family would drive around looking at Christmas lights with absolutely no help from anyone else. Nobody printed maps of good displays in those days, and when we attempted to consult the Internet, it was only to be reminded that it hadn’t been invented yet. People today have it so easy! Just look at this “Christmas Light Spectacular” map, created for Bridge Creek Dental and offered up to you, the reading public, at no charge. It’s not terribly easy to read, I know, but you can go to the Bridge Creek Dental website and download the map to take with you on your excursion. Continue Reading →

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