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3 bills aim at state control of health-care practices


HELENA — With the future of health care on the federal level still unclear, Republican lawmakers in Helena are pushing legislation that could reshape how Montanans access and pay for medical services. Three bills—House Bill 266 and Senate Bills 100 and 362—are based on the premise that individual states should be able to determine what health-care practices are best suited for their residents, and that costs should be lowered. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Legislative Update: Friday, Jan. 27


Expansion of school funding sought
By Freddy Monares
Montana Lawmakers will be considering a bill that would allow schools to receive state funding for a wider age range of students. House Bill 274 would include 5-year-olds and students with disabilities up to age 21 in the Average Number Belonging, or ANB, calculations. Current statute only funds students ages 6 through 19. “The adult programs that are available for people with significant disabilities have long waiting lists,” said bill sponsor Rep. Kathy Kelker, D-Billings. “No school. Continue Reading →

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Health care among issues under scrutiny in Helena


The Montana Legislature debated two bills last week that would give patients a more active role in determining the cost of their health care. Senate Bill 100, introduced by Sen. Cary Smith, R-Billings, would give patients the option of directly determining payment options with their doctor for day-to-day care without having to go through insurance. (more…) Continue Reading →

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