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Freshly arrived writer overwhelmed by Montana crime news


A recently arrived resident of Missoula has noticed a curious thing: that exposure to Montana’s daily newspapers makes one keenly, alarmingly aware of local crime. Anne Helen Petersen, the author of these musings, is a bit more than a casual observer. She is a native of Idaho who covers the West for Buzzfeed, who wrote one of the best, most thoughtful pieces on the special election that resulted in Greg Gianforte’s ascension to the House of Representatives. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Billings list: Recalling the crucified cat, or not


I’m not that big a fan of lists … unless they’re actually good, and this one, “14 Signs That You Grew Up in Billings MT,” is pretty good. It is the work of Justin Hutchinson, local radio guy, photographer, party-goer, etc., who pointed out a couple of days ago that his post about Billings was “going around again,” this time on BuzzFeed. The post, which I didn’t see on any previous go-rounds, begins with this promising statement: “You remember the first time you heard about the crucified cat.” I’m happy to say I never heard of the poor crucified cat, but I was well aware of the Father’s Day tornado, the Dollar Theater, Snowbird and my favorite, “Speed Limits Are Suggestions.” Continue Reading →

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