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Parking restrictions could aid downtown snow removal


Some people who drove to downtown Billings for shopping or entertainment in the wake of December’s big snowstorms may have discovered a new and occasionally perilous form of exercise. Once they parked their cars, they either had to walk to the end of the block on icy streets or climb over a steep berm of snow to access the parking meters. That wasn’t a situation that made downtown merchants or downtown shoppers very happy. (more…) Continue Reading →

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New program would help fund energy-efficiency upgrades


Depending on what happens during the legislative session now underway, Montana could join 32 states that offer their residents an innovative, low-cost method of financing energy-efficiency projects for houses and businesses. The method is known as Property Assessed Clean Energy, which enables property owners to obtain no-money-down loans and pay them off over many years as part of their county property tax assessments. (more…) Continue Reading →

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