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Richard Dreyfest V a big hit, plans laid for next year


Organizers of Richard Dreyfest V are calling the event a big success, and they are already laying plans for Dreyfest VI. “All in all, we were really stoked about how it turned out,” said musician and writer Phillip Griffin, one of the main organizers of the punk-inspired music and arts festival. “The event got off without any major hitches, which was something of a surprise because no one in this year’s organizational core had done it before.” (more…) Continue Reading →

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‘Dreyfest’ organizers interview ‘the man himself’


The main organizer of Richard Dreyfest V, the punk-inspired music and arts festival that opens Friday in downtown Billings, wasn’t really expecting to get an interview with the actor to whom the festival pays indirect homage. “It was just kind of a weird, cool, freaky thing for us to pick up,” said Phillip Griffin, a musician and writer who stepped in this year to put together the fifth annual festival. (more…) Continue Reading →

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