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MSU prof, students experienced Hollywood in Montana


BOZEMAN – Dennis Aig had just been hired as a film professor at Montana State University when a friend of his from graduate school called in 1991 to ask if Aig and his students might be interested in making an electronic press kit for a tightly budgeted film that would be made the next summer in Montana. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Collection of Montana facts includes a few dandies


Over at Mental Floss, there’s a new post up with the headline, “25 Picturesque Facts About Montana.” Most of these facts are pedestrian and not very interesting—there are a lot of mountains here; Brad Pitt starred in a fishing movie set here; Gary Cooper was from Montana; it’s the largest landlocked state, etc. But whoever put this list together did his or her homework, and brings to the world some genuinely interesting facts about our state. One has to do with “Absaroka,” which was to be the name of a state that some folks in Wyoming proposed to create in 1949. Absaroka would have included portions of northern Wyoming and chunks of Montana and South Dakota. Continue Reading →

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